Empowerment Campaign for Change program


We provide music as therapy workshops for young people, specializing in championing the cause of disadvantaged youths in the society focusing on the growing number of BME communities living in the Borough of Croydon.

Our project primarily targets the young people living in the Broad Green and Thornton Heath wards, especially where unemployment and poverty is high, where young people have been excluded from the school system as well as those from households where no member of the family has been in work or has had one or more parent involved with the criminal justice system. However, as we have worked with diverse groups from various places before we are not restricted in exploring new project ideas.

Transferable skills aquired from our workshops can be utilised in the pursuit of other skills and knowledge. We also provide the opportunity to gain Open College Network (OCN) qualifications.

School: My Life, My Song

Year 5 – Year 6
(8 – 10 years)
Primary School

A personal development mentoring and song writing music project to improve the lives of primary school children as they embark on the transitional process towards secondary school. Workshops platform to freely express feelings and concerns means of expression of feelings towards the move to secondary school.

School: My Life, My Purpose (Wonderful, Important & Successful W.I.S.)

Year 7 – Year 10
(11 – 15 years)

One to one academic mentoring for secondary school students for the first hour followed by creative expressions and branding. Focusing on the understanding and development of one’s own identity as growth and hormonal changes occur, working towards a balanced physical and mental health well-being. (A creative expression via music and drama therapy producing a songbook with the use of social media campaigns creating awareness on mental and physical abuse amongst youths.)

My Life, My Progress (16+)

Specifically tailored one to one mentoring and music performance & production program for the development of self-worth and an introduction of positive role models.

My Life, My Future

Empowerment campaign for change

Full time project providing Open College Qualifications on English, Maths, leadership, personal development. Providing a range of opportunities with practical delivery and in partnership with other service providers. Building life skills that helps deal with the demand and challenges of everyday life. A self-help transitional program, incorporating creative writing styles and development, documenting a step by step journey for an on stage delivery.


  1. Coordinated team work
  2. Positive promotion of youth voice
  3. Heightened aspiration to improve their lives chances